KCJC // Hope Is Rising Tour, Georgia - Update

We are always in awe and wonder when we set out to new places to share songs and stories. We never know exactly what's going to happen, but every show is an encounter that draws us deeper into hope and promise.

Last weekend we traveled down to Georgia for a house show tour beginning in Atlanta at @1971sounds hosted by our dear friend JJ from the band @Housefires.  It's always a joy to meet our hosts and connect with them, hear their stories and be encouraged by their community.  We had a great time sharing the songs and stories amidst a group of musicians and worshippers.

We spent the night with our dear friend @duanemixon who is an amazing worship leader but even greater pastor.  He is part of the 10,000 Fathers movement founded by Aaron Keyes.  Duane is no stranger to having guests, he typically has anywhere from 3 - 4 people living with him who are part of a discipleship program through his church.  It was an encouraging morning with his family before we headed south to our next stop for the remainder of the weekend.

On Saturday night in Arlington, GA we christened an open air pavilion that was built in honor of a man with a vision to provide a place of rest and hope to weary ones. Tommy Newberry has been in heaven 7 years to the week of the completion of this pavilion. Tonight we worshipped and sang about the rest and hope that is found in God.  This is a legacy and we are grateful to be a part of honoring and stewarding.

Sunday morning we spent more time with this beautiful fellowship and we were so encouraged by them.  During the last song Julie invited all the children up to the front to sing over the congregation during the chorus of "How He Loves".  It was truly a special moment.

The rest of the day we found ourselves on a 2500 acre organic farm called White Oak Pastures.  our host is the Shepherd for White Oak and we were treated to a true farm to table lunch, it really doesn't get better than that.  Our kids ran and played with goats, chickens, herding dogs, roamed organic vegetable gardens, played with bugs and even entertained us with their "Whip & Nae-Nae" dance . . .

Naomi Cantrell is such and encouraging little girl. We love her dearly . . . and sometimes she just cracks us up . . .

We treasure every moment we are on the road.  It's often hard to remember it all.  So whether you enjoy the pictures (see below 👇🏽) or the stories, we hope these little segments of our lives encourage you on your journey.  They surely are markers for us in the meantime.

Remember, we're all going from glory to glory,

KC & Julie

KCJC // Winds Of Worship

Last night we spent the evening leading worship with some new friends from St. Giles Presbyterian Church.  For the last year women from all over Charlotte have been gathering to worship, pray and encourage one another.  It was an awesome privilege to join them for the last gathering this season.  

We can't wait to be back on August 31 where we will lead worship with our entire band and Julie will be sharing a word from our journey and what's been happening and our next steps.  Follow Winds Of Worship on Instagram for more updates.

"...and standing behind Him at His feet, weeping, she began to wet His feet with her tears, and kept wiping them with the hair of her head, and kissing His feet and anointing them with perfume." Luke 7:38

Jesus is the promise, that kills all the disappointment, and He hears the prayers that we don't even pray anymore - Julie Clark

Winds of Worship May 31 ~ what a fragrant offering!

KCJC // featured Indie Worship Leaders To Watch – CCM Magazine

In an article posted today in @CCMMag online Matt Conner reviewed our new record In The Meantime - EP.  Read what he said below:

The greater Charlotte area has enjoyed the ministry and music of KC & Julie Clark for over a decade, but the married couple’s latest EP, In the Meantime, should net them a greater platform. These are tender acoustic melodies and vocal swaps buoyed by string arrangements, a winning formula for an intimate short player that will have you going back again and again.