cultivating your true identity
connecting with divine purpose



A Bridge & A Safehouse is the culmination of over two decade’s of experience and passion for the kingdom of God and the people who are called to steward it through worship.  Like many people we have experienced many seasons throughout our time in ministry.  In the most difficult time of our transition this desire to serve others was born.  It is the “YES” in our hearts to “SERVE” those who are in a season marked by the need for rest and discovery.  It’s in these times when community is the most critical.  We believe that when you know someone is for you, it makes all the difference in the world.  It’s our desire to be there for you during this time of exploration, growth, vulnerability and ultimately the launching of your next season.


Mentoring – One on One, group or individual sessions built around a conversational model of mentoring.  You mean just talk?  Well, yes, and more.

Consulting – Our journey has led us into every type of church imaginable.  One thing we’ve learned along the way is that the body of Christ is one huge reflection of Jesus to the world, expressed in a million different ways.  Because of this we’ve acquired a love for each and every way that “church” is done.  And through that love we want to help you with any conversation, transition or process of growth you may be facing.

Worship Leading – For the last 5 years we’ve traveled both local and regionally to lead worship for several churches.  Over this span of time we’ve developed a personal motto of “Yes and Serve”.  Simply put, we give God our “YES”, and we step in to “SERVE” the communities and individuals to which we are called or invited.  We serve best when we worship because it is not about us, but the one who gave it all for us.  The one in whom we find our truest identity and connect with the divine purposes of God.


While we are aware that many may find themselves in a season of transition, right now our main focus and calling is to those who are in the worship and creative arts.  We see a day when this will be opened up to entrepreneurs, pastors, families and young couples.

Worship Leaders & Teams

As a former Worship Pastor and recording artists, Julie and I bring a refreshing vantage point to you and your team.  A place where rest (Hebrews 4:11) is the guiding principle and learning where our hope is found is the highest aim.  We work alongside your church to encourage individual leaders or members of your team in addition to creating space for entire teams to participate.

Creative Entrepreneurs

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we know the stress of running a business, living life and maintaining “balance” between the two.  It’s never easy, and the #struggleisreal.  However, we’ve learned to extend grace and understanding while dreams come alive both in our hearts and on paper.  We leverage a space to listen and our ability to connect you with resources that will help you grow your dream.

In a day and age when “worship” is about trying to draw “close” to Jesus through singing songs, KC and Julie help awaken worshippers to the ever-now reality of their union with Christ through living out and leading others in the songs they sing. As humble as they are talented, KC and Julie exemplify and exude worship. I can’t recommend them enough.



Chances are someone you know has told you about KC and Julie. Their relational network is vast, and they have humbly poured into the local church leading worship and mentoring next generation leaders for years. They are real, and they approach everything with a grace and desire to help others know their true identity in Christ. Do yourself a favor and take hold of what they offer!




While these services are primarily for the creative arts and worship community (with other services coming online in the near future) we do not want to exclude anyone from participating in other ways.  A Bridge & A Safehouse is in the process of applying for its 501c3 status.  in the meantime, we are set up to take donations on a tax-deductible basis.  We would love for you to partner with us in this way so that those who need a place to cultivate a true identity and connect with divine purpose can be fostered.

Other ways you can help is by hosting us for a house show, give your worship team a break, or have us come and spend time with your teams.



Help our daughter Alaina in her healing journey. You can help by purchasing the song or donating online.  Follow her online at @alaina_heals.