KCJC // Christmas Miracle

Today started with a simple prayer. “Lord I believe, help my unbelief.” Then this happened! #Repost @julie_susanne with @repostapp.
・・・ Christmas Miracles are real. Family is real. @acarpentermusic you are Family. We love you with a red-rover-nothing-can-separate-fight-for-you love.❤️ We had to get our only car repaired on a very tight budget because @musbkc lost his job…Continue Reading

KCJC // Freedom Christian Center

Just a little worship with friends this morning! It’s always so refreshing to be with our besties @bjsullivannc and @lisamariesullivan. They have journeyed with us through so many seasons in life and they always pull the best out of us in every one Who you do life with is just as important as the steps…Continue Reading

KCJC // This.All.Day preparing for another studio day with @stephenleeprice this coming week. so thankful for his patient heart and leadership throughout the making of this record. there have been moments listening to this that felt like coming up for air. the life-giving gasp that reminds you its all going to be ok and God is for…Continue Reading


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