KCJC // From The Other Side

Hangin’ with my friends @kjscriven and @la_allyce this past Sunday @transformationchurch. Excited to spend time on the other side of the stage. Worship leaders, how much time do you give yourself off the stage to worship “with” your people. We have to intentionally create that space because it will not create itself. When you are…Continue Reading

KCJC // In The Studio

Yeah I know, we keep saying this. It really is coming soon. We cannot wait to get this in your hands. But in the meantime we are working hard. We’re so blessed to have our sweet sister @molly_kate in the studio today! She is killing it guys! We also are loving our hang time over…Continue Reading


What an amazing reminder that we are each God’s favorites. We are not TOLERATED by God, we are TREASURED by Him. We are sons and daughter of God and co-heirs along with Christ. When we live out of that identity, dancing ensues! It’s time to stop packing our regrets and carrying them wherever we go.…Continue Reading